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scap3goat: (dw: tardis - comic)

diaries of a möhrchen

straight from the vegetable field

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Created on 2009-05-01 07:32:01 (#151850), last updated 2015-07-30 (112 weeks ago)

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:: I am ::
:: I do ::

21; in a relationship; bisexual;

MacBook black, 2,4GHz Dual Core, 4GB RAM, OS 10.5.8; iPhone 16GB, white;

student & soldier; past-au pair;

Manga Studio EX 4; Dreamweaver & Photoshop CS4; NeoOffice; Adium; Firefox;

caffeine addict; writing; drawing; cooking & eating;

Subway to Sally; Placebo; Linkin Park; Rod Stewart; Rosenstolz; Herbert Grönemeyer; Bon Jovi; Muse; Nickelback; Letzte Instanz; Schandmaul; - my webcomic.

Doctor Who; Chuck; The Big Bang Theory; Torchwood; Star Wars; Star Trek;

:: credit ::
Mini-icons by; moodtheme by [profile] iharthdarth and [personal profile] halffling

i'm in slytherin!

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[i'm dean thomas]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

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Radek Zelenka is Love

Carson Beckett is Love

Rodney McKay is Snarky Love

John Sheppard is the Facial Expression King Love

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, 10th doctor, 9th doctor, alan rickman, beckett, beckett/mckay, beckett/sheppard, beckshep, billie piper, bisexuality, blackpool, blau, braveheart, british comedy, captain jack, captain jack harkness, carson beckett, chekov, chocolate, christopher eccleston, christopher ecclestone, computer, culloden, cybermen, daleks, dark arts, david tennant, diana gabaldon, diving, doctor who, dolphins, dr carson beckett, dr janet fraiser, dr radek zelenka, dr rodney mckay, dr who, dr zelenka, drabbles, draco malfoy, draco/harry, dvds, eating, elite force, english, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, faust, femmeslash, gallifrey, german, germany, girl, grafik, gustaf gründgens, harry/snape, ianto/jack, jack harkness, jack o'neill, jack/daniel, janet fraiser, janeway/chakotay, john barrowman, john sheppard, kavanaugh, küssen, leonard h. mccoy, leonard mccoy, lesbian, lesbisch, lesen, life on mars, master/doctor, mccoy, mckay, mckay/beckett, medizin, mephisto, mephistopheles, michael shanks, nine/jack, ninth doctor, ninth/jack, padi, peter davison, phallic symbolism, phone boxes, physiker, radek zelenka, regen, regenbogen, remus lupin, rodney mckay, romantik, rose tyler, sam/jack, sam/janet, sarek, schillerstrasse, schottland, schreiben, schwarz, sci-fi, scotland, scotty, sean connery, severus snape, sg-1, slytherin, slytherin's heir, snape, sonic screwdriver, spock, star trek, star trek tos, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate sg1, subway to sally, tardis, tarot, ten/jack, tenth doctor, the doctor, the flower of scotland, the last unicorn, the master, the tardis, time travel, timelord orgies, tom riddle, tom/harry, tom/severus, tomato soup, torchwood, tos, träumen, uni ulm, voldemort, voldemort/harry, voldemort/severus, voldemort/snape, whales, women love women, writing, yoda, zelenka
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